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I know a guy…

“Do you know where I can rent victorian furniture but in all black leather only?”  Yes, that’s actually a request I received from a client.  And it’s true what they say, the higher the budget the more outrageous the request.  

I’m sure you’ve heard of a “Glam Squad” so we’re applying the same principle to events and want to help you build your Party Squad.  You never know what crazy request your clients will have or when you’ll find yourself without a venue with less than a month to event day.   

Get access to new venues, get info on amazing vendors, and be prepared for anything your clients throw at you.



  1. How often will I receive the newsletter?

    Our Venues & Vendors Newsletter gets sent monthly - the last week of the month to be exact.

  2. How do I unsubscribe?

    You can unsubscribe at any time. Just click the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the newsletter.

  3. Will you be sharing my information with anyone?

    Absolutely not. We respect your privacy.

  4. Have these venues or vendors paid Voilà to be listed in the newsletter?

    No, all the venues and vendors mentioned in our newsletter were personally sourced and vetted by us. We want to recommend what we feel are truly great assets to anyone in the event industry, without a financial incentive to do so.

  5. Do you have any courses or workshops you would recommend for getting into the event industry?

    Yes! Sign up for any of our upcoming workshops or contact us if you don’t see the specific topic you’re looking for.