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Loneliness and isolation kills entrepreneurial spirit…

When I first started my business in 2014, I had the opposite problem most start-ups have; I had clients but no business or revenue model.  I had worked in the  event industry for some time and had spent the last 6 months freelancing so getting people to pay me to plan their events happened organically.  I found out later that if I wanted to grow my business I would have to put a game plan together.  But I had never done that so I was stuck.

This is where community saved me from making my first mistake… relying on business to come to me and never developing a business development plan.  Whether your an independent contractor or business owner, your popularity will not be enough to allow your business to scale. Yes sales may increase year to year but without a proactive business development strategy, your sales will eventually plateau, if not decrease.

Early on, I discovered there is strength in numbers and more importantly, there is inspiration in community.  I enjoy learning from other event professionals and swap information for mutual benefit.  You can’t avoid making mistakes; that’s part of the hustle.  This newsletter is meant to be a resource to help you bounce back faster and avoid the unnecessary mistakes.

Get resources, guides and best practices on growing your client list and sustaining your success over time.



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    Absolutely not. We respect your privacy.

  4. How can I schedule a consultation to talk about my company needs?

    Our consultations are done over the phone and take about 15-30 minutes. We ask questions to understand the problem you would like to solve and assess our ability to collaborate with you on the solution.

  5. Do you provide outsourced HR or Financial services?

    We have vendor partners we’ve worked with for years in both areas. We love referring our clients to them and we trust their capabilities as their strategies directly mirror our process.

  6. Do you have any courses or workshops you would recommend for running an events business?

    Yes! Sign up for any of our upcoming workshops or contact us if you don’t see the specific topic you’re looking for.