Do you think your business could use a quick “gut-check” right now?

Want to make sure you’re still on track to meeting your goals?

Having trouble creating a roadmap to your business success?

Taking The First Step

Before we start our consulting partnership, we want you to understand the three-part value you’re getting in our Deep Dive: 1) Questionnaire 2) Onsite Appointment and 3) Digital Audit.  After completing our Deep Dive, you’ll receive a detailed diagnostic outlining your current roadblocks and a monthly digital subscription to our ‘BUSINESS TO BUSINESS’  newsletter so your to date on free to low cost business resources.

What problem do you want to solve?

All questionnaires are created to not only unmask the deep rooted issues within your business but also where you feel we could be the most effective. At times a solution exists right in front of you with the current staff and resources you have.  Other times, you need support in targeted areas of your business to grow your revenue.

Watching It In Action!

In addition to reviewing the responses from your questionnaire and shadowing your team for 2 hours, we’ll be auditing your digital materials such as sales collateral, website and social media.  It’s important that we consider and prioritize all roadblocks in the way of achieving your financial goals and sometimes those issues may lie in your digital footprint as well.

Let’s Schedule It.

Once you’ve decided to sign up for a Deep Dive, we schedule a due date for your intro questionnaire to be returned, a date for your onsite 2 hour Deep Dive appointment and a due date for when you’ll receive your diagnostic back from us.


Cost: $500.00 USD

After we’ve completed all 3 parts of our Deep Dive, you receive a detailed diagnostic with a prioritized list on how to improve your business operations and/or increase your revenue.  

The cost of your Deep Dive will be deducted from your deposit to Voilà for future services within 60 days of completion.