4 Resolution Myths To Avoid

There is no shortage of tips and guides on the internet regarding how to create the new you in the new year.  What do your 2019 goals look like? Want to get more clients? Expand your business? Any goal requires a new set of habits and behavior that will get you closer to your objective.   To successfully create new habits, first start by debunking the myths that give you a disadvantage from the very start. We’ll have more resources around specific habits every salesperson should have in our Event Sales newsletter.

Traps you should look out for:

Go hard or go home.

Go Hard.jpg

Don’t try to change too many behaviors at once.  Break your larger goals into smaller ones. How small?  If you want to create the habit of flossing your teeth every morning, start by just flossing one tooth.  If you want to do 100 squats every day, start with just 10. Most importantly, be sure to have small rewards along the way for those micro accomplishments. Starting small increases your chances of turning your behavior into a habit for good.

There’s no math involved.


It’s not complicated math but there’s definitely some adding and subtracting involved.  Take a look at this example:

Goal: Book 10 new clients in the first quarter of the year.

How many clients did you book last quarter?  Sure there are variables that affect each quarter differently however this broad question will help you answer the next one. How long does it take to acquire a new client?  If you booked 6 clients last quarter and it took you an average of 40 hours to book each, then 10 clients will take you 400 hours. This calculation allows you to gauge whether or not you have the manpower and resources to achieve your goal.  

Any support is good support.


Accountability partners that are not personally invested in the achievement of your goal will lose interest faster than you will.  Support doesn’t last unless there is something to gain from supporting you. So asking your mom to make sure you spend at least 6 hours per week prospecting new clients is not going to help you when it’s April and you would rather go enjoy the Spring weather.  It’s not that your mom doesn’t love you. She’s human and life happens. A better accountability partner for your financial goal would be someone who is affected by them directly like your spouse or a business partner.

Willpower is all I need.


A major misconception about staying focused is that willpower is the remedy for boredom with your routine.  In The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg, studies have found that willpower actually runs out. It’s the same concept as going to the gym for the 4th day in a row when you can barely walk up a set of stairs from being so sore.  Sore muscles need a break and so does your willpower.

Now, it would be rude to just leave you here; myths debunked but no game plan.  Read our next blog on “4 Tips To Get Habits to Stick” and click here to sign up for Voilà’s Event Sales newsletter for more tips on how to create sales habits that generate more leads.  

et Voilà!