Fashion Run-Away

5 Places to go to avoid Fashion Week… like the plague!

Look at the boredom on everyone's face!

Look at the boredom on everyone's face!

New York Fashion Week, while it’s still a cool event to attend, has been thrown into the bucket of things New Yorkers take for granted, along with the Statue of Liberty and Central Park.  It’s in our nature to act like we’re too cool for school and for some of us, Fashion Week means 8 days of pure hell.  If you’re not into super skinny people dressed in funny clothing, then this blog goes out to you!  I hear your pain and want to give you hope that your life won’t be taken over by fashion designers this week.                                       

Here are 5 places to go to avoid Fashion Week like the plague it can be:

1.     You know where you’re guaranteed not to find any Fashion mongers? Anywhere North of 45th Street.  Grab brunch with friends at Jacob’s Pickles this weekend and feel right at home with the disgruntled, too-cool-for-school hipster in a graphic t-shirt.  Get there early because there happens to be an overwhelming following for this hiding spot.

2.     If you’re still into fashion but draw your boundaries at heavy shopping, check out a list of sample sales this week worthy of your attention.  Go to or for this week’s listings.

3.     Now for the professional, you need a place to entertain clients and need to do so without the Fashion Hustle.  Well first off, I would avoid the Financial District.  It’s usually quiet there but with major fashion brands moving their headquarters downtown, it’s become a hub for shows.  Whether for drinks, dinner or just a coffee, Zuma is ideal for privacy.

4.     Bruno Mars is killing it right now! He’s at the top of the charts and song after song, hit after hit, he’s climbing even further.  With tickets well over $100 for his upcoming concerts (that I might have to sell my belongings to attend) there’s a rumor started by none other than the artist himself, that there will be a secret concert on Sunday 9/10 at an undisclosed location.  You can RSVP here to find out more.  Hmmmm…Bruno Mars? or packed in a venue with fashionable people giving you the side-eye?

5.     And I have to take it back where I started.  The ideal sanctuary without the egos, the bloggers or the wannabes is right under your nose; Central Park. She’s that trusted friend you forgot you had but once in a jam, you send her that text “Been thinking about you! You free to hang later?” and like Old Faithful, she’s always free to hang.  Grab a book, a snack, some sunscreen and head over to peace and quiet.

et Voilà!