What's On Your Summer Menu?

This week we caught up with Andrew Cavitolo from Riviera Caterers to get the top 5 need-to-know tips for summer catering! Not only was the insider info he offered super interesting, but the food porn he sent along with it...well, I'll let you all scroll down and see. 

1. Ingredients have seasons for a reason. 
The hardest thing we often face is when a client tastes a dish in the winter that they are going to recreate in the summer. Ingredients have seasons for a reason, and the seasonality of the ingredients will make or break a dish. We always like to use the freshest ingredients and sometimes the difference is only a few weeks but incorporating it into a menu at the right time is extremely important. 


2. It's all Peaches. 

I'm asked often what my favorite summer ingredient is, and truly there's nothing better than a fresh peach in the summertime. I love to lightly grill them, add some sea salt and a balsamic reduction, some strips of prosciutto di parma and top with arugula. The perfect summer salad.  


3. Summer Drink MVP

One of the most requested drinks at summer events is a Margarita, and we've mastered every twist on it. We have done it 600 ways and its always a summer classic. Nothing more refreshing than tequila with a bit of salt on the rim. 


4. Dessert VS Appetizer

It depends on the type of party, as well as the type of host. Personally, I'm more of a savory lover so I like a lot of food in the cocktail hour upfront to get the party going. However, a lot of people are happy to splurge for extravagant dessert displays. It creates an amazing show, however keep in mind that guests usually are full by the end of the dinner. I say why choose and spend on both! #treatyourself


5. And finally, the Million Dollar Question.

The biggest challenge of summer catering is the heat. So how do you fight it? Ice boxes. Lots and lots of ice boxes. We're known to create refrigerators and freezers out of proofers using dry ice. And if that doesn't work, we use special insulated boxes to keep everything to exact temperature, even on the hottest of days.