Interview with a Wedding Professional: 5 Tips You Need To Know


We sat down for a chat with our favorite wedding professional, Fallon Carter of Fallon Carter Weddings and Events, and we've brought you all the insider details you can't afford to miss out on, from how to stretch the bride's dollar, to preparation techniques that'll make sure nothing catches you off guard day-of. 

Q:  Whats the biggest hurdle you find in planning the rehearsal dinner, and how do you overcome it?
A:  The biggest hurdle to me would be making sure the Rehearsal Dinner doesn't become another wedding, so curating the guest list appropriately and focusing on the essential VIP's only. There's also always the issue of finding a fun venue that has the right amount of privacy, though I've got a few favorites I've worked with in the past. 

Q:  Any tips for brides on how to make their dollar stretch?
A:  Pick your splurge items early. Identify what is the most important to you and make your focus on those vendors priority. Also, identifying who in your circle may be able to contribute to your wedding is a great way to make use of resources. Maybe a graphic designer friend can help with invites, or a make up artist friend can do the make up on the day.

Q:  What is the most important place to spend the money in an event? 
A:  It's different for every person, but I strongly recommend splurging on the guest experience. Things like your food & beverage, music, and atmosphere will all make a wedding to remember for years to come. When guests are happy and satisfied, you will be too. 

Q:  What are 3 action items that are ALWAYS on your final checklist to ensure an event will go smoothly? 
A:  Pack your Day-Of & Wedding Weekend needs 1 - 2 weeks prior to the day. This virtually makes sure that no items you need get left behind or forgotten. I also organize all final payments and tips into sealed envelopes that are ready to roll on the day of. One of my secrets is I send out a "Wedding Weekend" sheet to the Bridal Party that includes all details regarding attire, what to pack, how to arrive for hair and make up, what color to polish their nails, and any other important info. This helps inform family & friends to ensure you don't receive questions about "What time should we be there again?".

Q:  When you're looking at furniture vendors, what are some qualities you look for? 
A:  I make sure to look for a vendor that carries a variety of furniture styles & pricing to make sure that they will have something the client will like and can fit in their budget. Of course, experience with effective load in and load out are always a big plus, too.  


et Voilà!