5 Spring Tips from a Floral Expert

We interviewed Flowers by Ivona's very own Ivona Nyzio and got our subscribers the best tips for that spring floral arrangement. Whether you're thinking about your next centerpiece, or just need to brighten up your lounge room, follow these tips and you'll be stunned by the results. 

1. Easy DIY Style

The simplest and most chic design style that anyone could easily replicate would be modern romantic. Think something monochromatic, arranged by using contrasting shades and softening textures. 

2. Incorporate Your Favorites

Make your favorite flower the star by clustering them and surrounding them with neutral colored florals. Also, trim the other flowers to be shorter than your favorites, so they'll play backup instead of stand out. My personal favorite choice would be Anemone. 

3. Bad & Boujee (but Cheap) 

A great way to make an expensive looking arrangement without breaking the bank is to always use what's in season and to have a good variety. Try using Cherry Blossoms or Dogwood for a large piece, or for smaller pieces try exotic Tulips such as the aptly named Double Dior. 

4. Seasonal Arrangements

The flowers in season right now are Tulips, Daffodils, Hyacinth, and the lesser known but no less lovely Ranunculus (seen above). By keeping your arrangement seasonal, you'll know they're fresh. 

5. Spring Trend Alert

Everyone is going to go with the basics, i.e. pastels, light pinks, purples, and oranges. Stand out by following the hues that surround us during this time. Different shades of greens remind us of nature waking up from the winter lull. 

As a child, Ivona Nyzio would fill up every jar, glass, and vase in her grandmother’s house with lily of the valley, daisies and other wild flowers. In 2012, after more than fifteen years of working in the corporate world, she decided to pursue her passion and started Flowers by Ivona. Presently, her & her team work out of a design studio in the heart of the New York City flower district. 

et Voilà!