Do's and Dont's at the Company Holiday Party

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Like life, many “Dos” would be better decisions if accompanied by a few “Dont's”. So, while other naughty or nice lists tend to lean on one side, we’re giving you a well-balanced etiquette guide to this year’s holiday party.
Let’s start with the obvious ones...

1. Do indulge in the open bar but Don’t call out sick the next day from being hungover.  Not only is that poor etiquette but now the whole office knows you can’t handle your liquor.

2. If you’re company allows inter-office romance, Do come as dates but Don’t make your boss regret it. So many Don’ts with this one: 1) Don’t make out 2) Don’t disappear together 3) Don’t get drunk and talk about what’s happening after the party

3. Do let the furry friends attend if the party or office is dog friendly. Don’t let them mistake the boss’s office for the bathroom. If you’re bringing your dog, then Spot is your responsibility and shouldn’t be left unattended.

4. Do bring a funny gift for Secret Santa but Don’t embarrass your coworker by exposing something they’ve told you in confidence or by gifting sex toys. I’ve actually seen this go down... at a corporate hotel!

5. Do let your guard down but Don’t take this as an opportunity to vent about work.  It’s a social affair so I’m sure you can find something else to talk about, like… what’s Beyonce up to these days?

Now here’s where it gets dicey...
6. Do go to the after party and let your hair down. You’re off the company clock (and the company’s dime) so let loose! But Don’t spill the beans to those who couldn’t make it. Whatever happens at the after party...

7. Do attend the party even if you don’t want to.  Don’t skip it or show up and complain about how stupid it is. That’s just unfair to the person who was tasked to put this together for you.

8. Do sport your fancy holiday attire but this one gets dicey for the ladies.  Don’t lose your job or change people’s perception of you for the worst by showing too much. If you can wear it to a club, don’t wear it to work… unless you work at a club.

9. Do thank the boss for throwing the party.  After all, countless companies end their year with not so much as a mention of the holidays, let alone a celebration.  Don’t hug your boss and give the drunken “I love you maaaan” speech. It’s never pretty.

10. Do have a great time.  It’s a party!  Don’t encourage others to talk strictly business because you can do that on Monday. Put the reindeer antlers on and get on the dancefloor! #no-twerking #not-werking

et Voilà!