No Second Chances: How to Create a Memorable Wedding Proposal Worth Bragging About

This one is for the guys!  Or the ones doing the proposing.  We can’t forget the progress we’ve made in the wedding industry with same sex marriages or women now proposing to their male soulmates.

While doing a little digging on this subject, I realized that most proposal stories, ideas or articles about the special moment are all written from the recipient’s perspective, often a woman.  That was really interesting to me because although it’s the Propos-ee that gets to brag about it, it’s the Propos-er that creates the magic worth talking about. So after talking to 3 men and 1 woman, I noticed a common denominator.  The most memorable proposals were crafted by someone who completely put their significant other first.  The proposal was ALL about the other person and what they like.
P.S. My subjects were a little shy so I changed the names to provide anonymity.

Michael’s Plan – Mike and his now fiancée Jessica are both New Yorkers.  They’re not the type to veg out in front of the TV on the weekend.  Their relationship was all about 8-hour dates.  They would start with a quick breakfast at a cute coffee shop in the West Village, then a visit to the MOMA for the newest art exhibition, followed by a picnic in Central Park.  Really laid back, no frills type of a Saturday.  Jessica loved their Saturday’s together.  So Mike decided to craft THE perfect day with what he called “Jessica’s Favorite Places”.  They got to relive the places they had been to and loved, ending the day at her favorite Italian restaurant for dinner where he popped the question.

Louis’s Love Letter – Louis moved to Atlanta for college and never left.  It was at the Georgia Tech football game that he met the love of his life, Sara.  Unfortunately, she was rooting for the other team.  After giving up the fake “you’re my enemy” flirting session, Louis finally asked her out on a date.  Their relationship progressed quickly and soon after their 1-year anniversary, they bought a house together.  There was one really important thing both Louis and Sara had a common… their closeness to their families.  So naturally when Louis popped the question, he did it in the house they had bought together and wrote her a love letter about building their own family in this place they would now call home.  The entire family was there to celebrate the proposal, just like she would have wanted.

Bill’s Moment – Bill is a hedge fund manager and traveled a lot.  On one of his business trips, he met Lucas at a hotel bar.  Lucas is a fashion designer and was also traveling for work.  They lived in different cities and had to make plans on the fly in order to see each other.  They spent more time at hotels together than they did in their own homes.  They talked about moving in together and getting married but the timing never seemed right.  Lucas had a huge announcement to make… he was taking a 6-month project in New York where Bill lived.  Lucas planned this elaborate dinner and as he smiled from ear to ear while delivering the news, something washed over Bill and he said, “I want you for the rest of my life.  You are home to me.  Will you marry me?” Simple and spontaneous.

Cindy Pops the Question – Cindy and Doug were an untraditional pair.  He was studying to be a nurse and she, an architect.  They moved in and had a baby soon after.  The more their parents pressed them to get married, the more they resisted.  It was with the birth of their second baby that Cindy realized she really wanted to marry Doug.  So she took matters into her own hands, as she usually did, and bought him a ring.  After his winter finals, she got her kids around the Christmas tree and asked Doug to be hers forever.  He was beyond moved and said yes! The next day, he bought Cindy an opal engagement ring to look like the one her grandmother gave her.

What did you learn? REALLY get to know your partner.  Everything you need for a memorable proposal is in your relationship.
et Voilà!