No More Pumpkins: 5 Creative Ways to Incorporate Fall at Your Next Event

Fall to me is about much more than just pumpkins. Fall is sensory overload! From the beautiful colors of the turning leaves, to the colder air filling your lungs (well not yet, in New York) and of course, the smell of cinnamon and squash, all get your senses working overtime. It’s magical when it hits you all at once.  So why is everyone just stuck on pumpkins? Yeah, finding monochromatic “white” pumpkins makes for an impressive tablescape but it’s not the pumpkin that you’re taken by... it’s the rarity of the white pumpkin that makes it impressive. Now that we’ve established that pumpkins in fall are about as groundbreaking as florals for spring (The Devil Wears Prada? Anyone?), let’s get a little more creative!

1. FOOD - When I say fries, you think Ketchup. But what if I said apple fries? Your brain should think along the lines of a Caramel Cream Dip, and cinnamon coating your fingers. Food is one of the best parts about Fall so use expected and seasonal ingredients in an unexpected and creative way. You can do mini candy corn pastries or cinnamon squash soup shooters as passed hors d’oeuvres.





2. FLOWERS: By some definition, I would be considered a “girly” girl. I love roses, peonies and any usual suspect you’ll find in a plush floral arrangement. Cockscomb (birth name: Celosia Cristata) is a beautiful flower that looks like a brain. I know it sounds peculiar but trust me, it’s beautiful. When a deep red Cockscomb is paired with a tradition flower, like a red rose or calla Lilly, the result is quite magical. And it’s kind of an ode to Halloween so win/win!






3. COLORS: Nothing says Fall like the turning of leaves. Those beautiful vibrant hues of amber, deep reds and mahogany are the perfect color palette for your event. Try to elevate the experience by adding a metallic accent. While gold pairs well with Fall colors, silver and copper are often forgotten. When paired with our favorite color palette, they make things beautifully interesting.



4. DÉCOR: Speaking of leaves... dried fall leaves are some of the most versatile decor items I’ve worked with (not to mention the cheapest). Use them as an aisle runner, menu, centerpiece, party favor, place cards... you name it, the leaf can do it! Trust mother nature to give you all the colors you need to make your event decor stand out amongst the rest.


5. ENTERTAINMENT: And I leave the best for last... the booze! Corporate parties are looking for new ways to entertain their guests beyond the photobooth. Planners are creating interactive bar experiences with expert mixologists and “do it yourself” bars.  This experience can include a whiskey tasting with yummy flights or showing guests the art of making a carefully crafted cocktail.  Get into the season by making some of the most unusual and tasty cocktails from my “7 Fall Foods You Should Be Drinking” blog.

et Voilà!