5 Event Industry Jobs You Didn't Know Existed

Event clients, like every industry, haver their share of “interesting” (translation = weird) requests. As a result of these demands, many event professionals are forced to develop services that provide niche solutions for their clients. For those looking to break into the events industry, but aren’t called into event planning, here are five (5) alternative event industry jobs that you didn’t know existed...guaranteed. Oh, and if you don’t believe me, just Google it.

#1 Mobile Chapel Wedding Planner

For those whose wedding criteria consists merely of a low budget and expediency, mobile chapels are the perfect upgrade from Justice of the Peace. Why couldn’t those on-the-go nuptial services be yours? Don’t underestimate the work. Someone has to actually manage the chapel, and perform the ceremony. To keep costs down, this is often the same person. It’s already a trend in Vegas, but the concept is catching on quickly in other cities.  Oh, and in case you’re wondering, you stand to make between $100 and $400 per wedding.

#2 Pet Wedding Officiant

It’s no secret that people LOVE their pets. And when their pets love other pets, they marry each other. Staying with the wedding theme, for a moment, why not take advantage of this pet frenzied era and get into the business of marrying pets.  Taking it up a notch you can partner with a pet matchmaking services (yes...they exist) to gain clientele. Truth be told, pet weddings are lots of fun. Plus they give humans an excuse to throw a party. I think this goes without saying, but just in case… pet marriages are not legally binding.  

#3 Brand Ambassador

Photo Credit: Shiraz Events

Photo Credit: Shiraz Events

Brands need people. Now this gig is pretty well known, but it has evolved significantly since your college days. Staffing agencies like Shiraz Events have long combined impeccable service with beautiful people (models, actors, the genetically fortunate, etc.).  This tactic became super popular when major corporations started allocating their marketing dollars to experiential marketing. Nowadays, brand ambassadors are peddling everything from watches to premium water to a logo. If you’re extroverted enough, then using your attributes to promote the client’s agenda may be perfect for you.

#4 Performing Service

Photo Credit: Smash Party Entertainment

Photo Credit: Smash Party Entertainment

Speaking of staffing agencies, many are now offering non-traditional service options.  Ever see a cater-waiter on stilts?  Well actors and models aren’t the only ones looking to make some extra cash in the events industry.  Catering companies and staffing agencies often will hire performers such as jugglers, stilt walkers, aerialists and other “circus acts” to substitute the average server.

#5 Hospitality Focus Group

Interested in eating and drinking for free? Who isn’t. Many hospitality groups will gather an assembly of people to “pick their brains” on a particular matter or product.  Focus Groups are a great way for restaurants to test cocktails and potential new menus. New event spaces often use them to perfect their service and food, before grand opening. Hotels will even invite groups to sample their services, just to test their staff’s service level. So, where do we sign up?

et Voilà!