5 NYC Clubs for Your Next Meeting Venue

Photo courtesy of Marqueeny.com

Photo courtesy of Marqueeny.com

Other than budget, what’s the second most important thing when tasked with planning the company’s next conference?  Usually, it's something about how boring and consistently unexciting it may be. Your event coordinator might as well be a drill sergeant, running you from meeting room to meeting room, itinerary to itinerary, left, right, left... Voilà refuses to let that continue, so we wanted to show you some of the hottest clubs in NYC that will actually host your next meeting!

Avenue - Avenue is probably one of the most well-known clubs in the city at this point, and for a good reason. The space itself is beautiful and is located very close to the Chelsea Highline, which is a massive draw for tourists and regulars the like! It has also hosted some of the biggest celebrity names in its days, such as Derek Jeter and the Kardashian clan. It's available for day buy-outs, and is a two story lounge, so you'll be able to move about in the venue throughout your meeting. General session? Check!  Separate breakout space? Double Check!

VANDAL - VANDAL is a hotspot that's fairly new to the scene, and known expressly for its decoration and artwork within the space. They are open during the day for lunch but are available to do buy-outs of partial space, or the entire venue. The venue is also run by Chef Chris Santos, so you know the food served is going to be the best meeting food you've ever been served, hands down!

230 Fifth Rooftop Bar - I don't know about you, but I am a chronic window-watcher. If I'm stuck indoors in a meeting or at the office, and I just cannot focus or am too busy wondering about what's going on outside, which means my productivity level drops. If you’re one of those people looking for a great meeting function space with windows, then think rooftop!  230 Fifth is a rooftop bar that is available to do daytime buyout for meetings, so instead of being stuck in a glass box (or even worse, a windowless one) your meetings can take place in fresh air and it'll keep you from feeling that mid-day claustrophobia. 

Baby's All Right - Baby's All Right is a little bit of everything, and has all the making for a new kind of meeting. Primarily a performance venue, the space also works as a brunch spot on the weekend, and turns into a dance club in the night time. Daytime buy-outs are certainly offered, and would be a great location if you wanted something outside of Manhattan. You also get to enjoy the pleasure of Don Muang Airport being right next door, so if you get a little hungry between sessions, you can always head over there for a little nosh before the boss notices.

Provocateur - Located inside the Gansevoort Meatpacking Hotel, this nightclub is super exclusive and is known for attracting NYC's best of the best. One an average night you are sure to rub shoulders with at least a few models and business bankers, but if the crowd's not your style and you're just looking for the space, they are available to do day buy-outs, and are prepared for all meetings needs (projector and screens, seated chairs, pen and pads, etc.). It's a chance to hold your meeting at a swanky location and dress up, while keeping it in more of a fun environment.  

Keep in mind that although this is a super cool idea, non-traditional meeting venues do require a bit more work.  You want to ensure that the cool factor of the space doesn’t compromise the functionality a meeting space should have… i.e. the stench of alcohol, enough bathrooms, ample seating and desk space, lighting etc.  If any of these venues sound like they'd be a great fit for your team, let us know and we'll get to work on making your next meeting unforgettable. 

et Voilà!