5 Personality Types of Planners

Do you remember those days when you took countless personality quizzes in Marie Claire magazine?!  Like How Do You Know He’s The One? and What Kind of BFF Are You? Well I’ve decided to give you a taste of what that would be like for event planners.  Below is a fun quiz to determine what type of planner you are within 5 personality types. 

Go ahead… try it!

Q: Your client wants to hire his best friend to do the florals for this year’s gala.  You’ve seen this friend’s work and it’s not that great.  Do you..

1.     Tell your client it’s sub-par and doesn’t fit quality of the event.

2.     Say yes to your client.  After all, it’s the client’s decision.

3.     Express that you can care less about the aesthetic.  You just need to make sure this friend will work within budget and will arrive on time!

4.     Want to work with the friend to create something truly magical for the event!

5.     Not even answer the client.  You’ll get to it at some point. 

Q: The caterer is stuck in traffic and running late.  Your client calls to check in on the setup process of the event. Do you…

1.     Blurt out that the caterer is stuck and may not make it in time for cocktail hour.

2.     Tell your client about the caterer’s ETA but tell her your assistant is at the store buying a platter to ensure there’s something to nip on when guests arrive

3.     Not answer the client’s call because you’re too getting a play-by-play from the caterer about where they are, how long until the bridge, what time they left their commissary, and how could this have happened.

4.     Creative and has very little process

5.     Tell the client everything is fine!  Things always work out somehow.

Q: Your assistant sends your client the vendor’s contract without your compensation included.  Do you…

1.     Email the client right away and tell them you’ve made a mistake and your compensation is not included.

2.     Don’t say anything and decide to forgo your compensation.

3.     Call the vendor to see if they can include it on their end and ask your assistant about how this may have happened.

4.     Send a new quote and hope the client doesn’t notice

5.     Shrug. Throwing a great party is more important.

Q: Your best friend is getting married the same day as one of your repeat client’s holiday party.  Do you…

1.     Tell the client before your friend’s save the date even goes out.

2.     Wish your best friend the best of luck because you can’t be at the wedding.

3.     Waits closer to the date to decide to attend both events without either party knowing about the other.

4.     Plan the holiday party and assign someone else to execute while you go to your friend’s wedding.  The client won’t mind when you tell them.

5.     Volunteer to plan your friend’s wedding.  That’s so much more fun than a corporate holiday party!

Q: Your client recommended a new venue where they want to host their dinner but the sales person there won’t answer any of your questions.  Do you…

1.     Tell the client the exact person’s name you’re trying to reach out to so they can call the GM and complain

2.     Get nervous because you keep calling that same sales person over and over again with no answer.

3.     Call the sister restaurant to see if they can give you information about how to get in contact with someone on the catering team

4.     Suggest a better option to the client that has great décor and better ambiance

5.     Throw the party there anyway.


If you answered mostly 1s then you’re Hones-Tea!

This means you’re honest to a fault and don’t like secrets.  You would rather keep a good rapport with your client so that when the event is over and you’re catching up over a cup of tea, your client can tell you how immensely they trust you because you tell the truth even when it freaks them out.

Positive: Transparency
Negative: Unnecessary Panic Attacks

If you answered mostly 2s then you’re a Rule Follower!

You feel safe with rules.  4 lines means you have a box and parameters to work within and anything that spans outside of those lines makes you extremely uncomfortable.

Positive: Flawless Execution
Negative: Inflexible

If you answered mostly 3s then you’re Philo-Sophie!

You’re the event planner version of philosopher.  You question everything and you’re super detailed.  You won’t move forward in doing anything unless you understand it 100%.

Positive: Resourceful, won’t take No for an answer
Negative: Won’t let things go

If you answer mostly 4s then you’re an Artist!

You’re super creative and are mostly great at event design.  Sometimes your event designs are so awesome and elaborate, your team has no idea how to execute successfully.  You have jaw-dropping ideas when it comes to creating experiences but you’re not great at execution.

Positive: Things outside the box
Negative: Has trouble playing with the rules

If you answer mostly 5s, bless your heart. 

You planned one big party and decided, that’s it, you’re going to be an event planner.  Parties are about fun not logistics for you.  You would almost rather hire a team to handle the nitty gritty while you perfect your ability to “woo” the client. 

Positive: Great client interfacing
Negative: Not much experience with complex events

et Voilà!